3+ Quick Ways to Convert URL to MP3

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If you don’t have access to Wi-Fi the best solution is to convert URL to MP3 in advance. It gives an opportunity to listen to favorite songs being off-line. Conversion also allows getting audio tracks from official music videos.

How to Convert Audio URL to MP3

The procedure is simple even for inexperienced users. We’ve developed a convenient and useful program which helps to convert URL to MP3 format. First of all, you should download it from the website.

When the program is installed and launched you can start the procedure:

  1. Choose the track from YouTube which you would like to convert and copy its URL.

Copy Youtube URL

2. Press the big blue button “Paste” near the input field.

Youtube URL to MP3 converter

3. Select the quality you want and the output format of your audio file.

Free URL to MP3 converter

All that is left is to wait until the conversion is complete. Then you will have an opportunity to open your file and enjoy it. This URL to MP3 converter supports two most popular audio formats: MP3 and WAV. Files can be saved to PC.

if you don\t wanna waste your time saving tracks one by one, here are the easiest way to download the whole playlist to MP3.

Best URL to MP3 Converters

Such kind of conversions is one of the most comfortable ways to listen to favorite music off-line. You can find a lot of different URLs to MP3 file converters on the internet. But there are several services which are the most useful and convenient. Two of them work online, one requires installation to a personal computer. Each of them has pros and cons.

Best URL to MP3 Converter for Windows

URL to MP3 software

This URL to MP3 audio converter is located on this website. This program is understandable even for users who have no previous experience with such software. There are also different quality presets available: 160, 128 or 96 kbps.

  • simplicity
  • user-friendly interface
  • support of links from various platforms
  • high quality of output files

The key feature – the ability to convert links not just from YouTube but also from other services – SoundCloud and  many more.

File Converter for Android and Apple

File converter

It is a convenient and useful service for conversion from URL to MP3 with a great number of pros and cons.

The main thing about thing tool – it has free and full versions:

  1. First of all, the full version is add-free. If you use the free version, you will see posters with advertisement.
  2. The number of concurrent conversions (conversions possible at the same time) also varies. The free version allows performing just 4 operations at once. 24 hours pass makes 8 conversions possible. Monthly and yearly subscriptions allow 10 concurrent conversions.
  3. The number of files per conversion is also different. Free version allows converting just 5 files per session. Full one makes conversion of 200 files possible.
  4. Free version allows 20 conversions per 24 hours. Full version makes 50 operations possible.
  5. The conversion speed also varies. Free version provides users with normal speed. 24h pass has high priority conversion speed. Monthly and yearly subscriptions have the highest priority conversion speed.
  6. The last difference is file size per conversation. In free version, it equals 100 MB. In full one, you can choose from 200 MB to 8 GB.

The cost of full version varies from 6 to 595 euros.

  • simplicity
  • user-friendly interface
  • multifunctionality
  • applications for Android and IOS
  • you should register before using this converter. It takes some time and requires providing personal data. For example, e-mail or Facebook account
  • free version of online service has limited functionality. You need to buy a full one to have an access to all functions

The key feature – can be downloaded from official stores: Goodge Play Market and App Store.

How to Convert Youtube URL to MP3 Online

Anything to MP3

Anythyng to MP3

It is another useful tool that helps to convert URL to mp3. Anything to MP3 is online service so there is no need to download this program or create an account. Just paste the link you wanna get in MP3 format and convert file.

  • the whole process is very simple and quick;
  • service supports several output formats and quality presets;
  • you can get output file not just in MP3 but also in WMA, AAC and OGG;
  •  the online converter is absolutely free;
  • no registration required to use this service;
  • it is possible to convert links from YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and plenty of other services.
  • service provides high quality of the output file;
  • no limits of speed and number of conversions.
  • possible problems in the work of program while using browsers except Chrome and Firefox;
  • posters with advertisement located on the site.

Online Convert

Online Convert

To convert Youtube URL to MP3 without installing any software you need the website we’ve already mentioned before.

The first step is registration:

  • click the button “Sing up” at the top of the screen;
  • choose the version of the program: free or full one;
  • type your e-mail address;
  • create a password. It should be complicated to make an account safe;
  • accept terms of service and privacy policy;
  • confirm e-mail to finish the process.

It is possible to sign up using social networks: Facebook or Twitter. You can also register using your Google account if you have one. Confirmation will be required anyway. It is recommended to create a new password and not to use it on other sites;

When registration is complete user may log in and start the conversion.

The procedure is not difficult:

  • choose a YouTube link of a music video which should be converted;
  • press the button “Enter URL”;
  • paste a link to the chosen video;
  • define optional settings: bitrate, sampling rate and audio channel;
  • you can normalize sound, trim the track and remove cover art;
  • save chosen settings;
  • click the button “Start conversion”.

You will need to wait until the process is complete. Then you can save music to your computer and listen to it without limits.

Video to MP3 by URL – Desktop VS Online

There are online and desktop versions of converters. First ones work in browsers, second ones require installation. Both can perform the main function – convert documents and links. But there are differences between them. Each version is more convenient in different situations.

Online version has several benefits:

  • There is no need to download any programs into computer, unverified software can be dangerous for the system and personal data.
  • It is convenient for mobile people who spent a lot of time outdoors. They can always convert a link using smartphone or tablet.

The main benefits of desktop version:

  • A lot of users are concerned about the security of server, where they upload their information. Verified software for personal computers solves this problem.
  • Downloading process is faster and more stable.
  • Users should have stable internet connection to work with online tools otherwise downloading interrupts. So if there are problems like this, PC software will be more useful.

URL to MP3 Audio Format FAQ

How to Convert Soundcloud URL to MP3?

There are some services that support Soundcloud URLs. A good choice is URL to MP3 Converter.  This service does not work online. It requires downloading to a personal computer.

Then you can launch an app and start the procedure:

  • copy URL which should be converted;
  • press button “Paste” near the input field;
  • select output format and quality of the future file;
  • wait until the process is complete.

How to Convert Link to MP3 for iPhone?

You can convert URL to MP3 for IOS using Online Convert. There is a version for iPhone and iPad. It can be downloaded from App Store. Also, online service Anything to MP3 allows conversions to mobile devices.

How to Convert Link to MP3 for Android?

URL can be converted to MP3 for Android using browsers. Also, there is an Online Convert version for Android. It can be easily installed from Google Play Market.

How to Convert Youtube Link to MP3?

MP3 Converter helps to convert YouTube URLs to MP3. It is required to install the program on your PC. Then you should choose video from YouTube, copy its link and paste it. The next step is choosing an output format and wait.