How to Download Youtube Videos Longer than 2 Hours to MP4 – 3 Fast Methods

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Most downloaders are awesome. But there is one disappointing thing about them – the inability to load clips from Youtube to MP4 longer than 2 hours.

You may have noticed that shorter clips have the load option, whereas clips over 120 minutes never have such a feature. But there are ways to solve this problem. Check out the options we found below.

How to Save a Youtube Clip Longer than 2h as MP4?

If you wanna transform a movie longer than 120 minutes, use our tool – NotMP3 Video Downloader.

How to utilize it:

1. Load the desktop app.

Not Mp3 Downloading

2. Open APK.

3. Wait for the app to be installed.

4. Get the clip link needed to become an MP4 file.

Long video

5. Insert the link in a field and wait for the app to process it.

Downloader Not Mp3

6. When the MP4 clip is ready, start loading.

Download 10 hour Youtube videos

7. Yes, it’s as simple as it sounds!

Key Feature: could be used for clips from the most popular networks apart from YouTube.

It’s pretty easy so you may have your favorite movies on your phone, tablet, or PC. Just take some time and install the program so you could load every clip you need and watch the content later. Check out the pros and cons of this solution.

  • It’s safer.
  • No queues.
  • Perfect for PCs.
  • No ads.

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How to Save a Youtube Record Longer than 2h Online?

This solution requires using MP3fy.


Here is the instruction to start using the program:

  • Go to the web page mentioned above.
  • Copy the clip link and paste it in the field or just type the name of the clip and it will appear.
  • Start loading!

You would have to wait a bit, then you’ll get the desirable clip.

Key Feature: no installment on PC.

Just like any other way, this program has pros and cons.

  • Ease of use.
  • Find clips by names.
  • Not as safe as the desktop version.

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Youtube to MP4 Unlimited Length Convertors – Desktop VS Online

Let’s check out each case separately, starting with analyzing the desktop option:

  • Has no queue times.
  • It’s more accessible since you have the app on PC and you don’t rely on the website operating or being unavailable.

The desktop solution is more solid, users just copy links in a separate sheet and when they have time, they use the app.

Now let’s check out the online solution closely:

  • It’s simpler since no need to install.

Simplicity is the only positive thing about this solution! Overall, you might say that both ways are good, so use any way you prefer and find useful. But note that by downloading an app, you don’t rely on the availability of the website. As you know, websites tend to crash and that might happen when you need a record immediately.


Can I convert records longer than 3 hours?

Yes, you surely can. It’s as simple as getting two-hour clips. Just utilize our simple tool. It allows users to get even more extensive clips!

How long it will take to load a long YouTube video

It totally depends on the video’s length. It’s better to utilize loaded apps, it downloads clips much faster than online tools. But if you are in a hurry and need a video right now on your phone, just open a link and utilize it online on the phone or tablet. It will take several minutes.

How can I download YouTube videos to MP4 on my phone?

It’s a special app that is loadable on your phone.

How to utilize the app:

  • Load it on your phone.
  • Wait for the app to be installed.
  • Open the application.
  • In the link field, insert a copied YouTube link.
  • Wait for the clip to be processed.
  • Load the file.

As you can see, the app is very simple to use.