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Youtube is a content provider that is known to be one of the best sites with lots of music videos. But if your goal is just listening to music, it is much easier to get an audio file for future exploit without wasting traffic.

WAV format is very popular because it is a standard that allows listening to lossless quality music.  That is why some users are in search of a Youtube to WAV converter to solve their problems or trying to get online service.

Is it Possible to Convert Youtube to WAV Online?

There is a big problem. Most videos on Youtube are presented in popular formats like 3GP, MP4, etc. But there are no WAV files which makes it harder to get a proper online service. In most cases, you will not be able to get a WAV as a downloadable option. In this case, converters can solve your problems.

You will need special software that is capable of converting a video file into WAV format straight away. This method is the fastest and most convenient. Beware of the unverified online services that claim that their site would help you get videos converted to WAV. It could be a site with viruses or a scam. Now let’s talk about some proven ways to solve the problem.

So How to Convert Youtube to WAV File?

There are two relatively simple solutions. The simplest method is to get a PC version of a converter. And the second method is to download an MP3 file and then convert it to WAV. But in this case, the quality of a video file will be decreased dramatically. But is up to you which file you are about to get. Sometimes you don’t need a high-quality sound because it is just a record of a lesson.

Most users will try and get a converter for PC because it is the fastest way to achieve the abovementioned goal.

1. Best Youtube to WAV Converter

URL to MP3 software

The first and simplest method to achieve the goal is our NotMP3 downloader which would help you.

If you want to convert the file, you should do the following steps:

  1. Download and install the program.

Youtube to MP3 Converter

2. Get a link.

Copy Youtube URL

3. Put it into the field and select the format and quality of the converted file.

Convert Youtube to WAV

4. Wait until the conversion is completely over.

  • Very easy to use – just paste the URL and wait a few minutes (the time amount depends on the file).
  • It is legal and free to download.
  • You can convert to WAV, MP3, FLAC and other formats.

Key feature – free & no limits


2. Download Youtube Videos Online and Use WAV Converters

This method is harder because you will have to use two programs in 2 steps. We also do not recommend downloading videos of 720s and higher quality because in this case, the browser will transfer audio and video streams separately.

Step 1. Downloading

Here are three programs to download video files:

  1. Ontiva. This is an instrument that will help a user to download video files. Just install it and paste the link. The program will do the rest. But this soft has a serious disadvantage. You can’t download a video which lasts more than 1 hour.
  2. YouTube2Video. This is an online service that could be downloaded as an app for smartphones. It is very easy to use – all you have to do is to paste the link and click to download after choosing the appropriate format.
  3. Youtube converter. This is another online downloader which has the same working algorithm as the previous one. Search a link and paste into the field at the top of this site. It is 100% free, fast and secure.

Step 2. Converting with Youtube to WAV Converter Online

Online Music Converter

Online Music Converter


This website provides services for converting video files.

If you want to get a WAV file:

  • Choose the right section (Audio converter).
  • Drop files or use Google drive
  • Click the «convert» button and wait until the process is done.

There are also some optional settings. You can change bit resolution, sampling rate, audio channels and normalize it. It is possible to trim audio – you should choose the time. You have an opportunity to convert MP3, WMA, OGG, and FLV to WAV. This YT to WAV file online converter is extremely useful for those, who want to find a universal converter. There is no need for special software installation but you have to sign up to use the tool.

Audio Converter from 123APPS

Audio Converter from 123APPS

This is an online tool for video to audio conversion. The process is very simple. You should choose the file type (Dropbox or Google Drive files). Then you choose the format of the converted file. You will also be able to click advanced settings to choose bitrate, sample rate, channels, fade in/out function and reverse. You can also edit track info. After you have chosen the appropriate options, just click convert and wait.

This online tool is some kind of an application that is extremely useful for converting any format you like. It is also safe and easy to exploit. Any user can convert multiple files simultaneously in a batch.

WAV Converter from CloudConvert

Cloud Converter

And here we have another WAV converter which is also an online tool. The process of converting is the same – all you have to do is to get the link and paste it into the field. You may select a file from your hard drive, Google Drive or Dropbox. This online tool supports more than 200 formats – this is some kind of a Swiss knife. High quality conversions and data security guaranteed. This site is not the best but certainly one of the easiest to use.


How to convert Youtube to WAV on MAC?

There are lots of software that would solve your problem. Allavsoft is one of the many. Download the file and install it onto your computer with iOS. This program has simple interface which allows you to achieve goal.

To convert a file you need to do the following steps:

  1. Paste 1 or multiple URLs.
  2. Choose audio quality (usually it is best available).
  3. Choose a path where a converted file will be saved.
  4. Choose a file format (WAV or any other).
  5. Start conversion.

After you have done that, all you have to do is to wait until the conversion process is over. And again there are lots of other software variants that will be able to perform the same task. Allavsoft has free trial so you don’t have to pay straight away. You can buy it to use it any time you want. You can also find as much free software as you like, but beware of the viruses.

What is the key feature of WAV audio format?

The main function and key feature of WAV format is the fact that its primary function is audio data storing. That is why this particular format is very popular among those, who wish to convert youtube video files into WAV audio files. So if you want to get an audio file with relatively high quality, it is better to choose WAV over other formats. Remember that some converters are not able to make this format. Anyway, if you don’t wanna WAV files to take up too much space, downloading M4A tracks may be a good option for you.

What is better – MP3 or WAV?

That it is a question of quality. Both formats are exploited in many areas of audio. WAV file is the simplest of all other audio formats. It is an accurate and lossless variant. With WAV you achieve high recording rates. This is actually surprising because this format has been created in 1991.

MP3 files will not provide high quality audio. But the main advantage of an MP3 file is its small size. That is why it is very easy to distribute on the internet. But it is not suitable for professional audio work so it is better to choose WAV.

We hope that this article provided enough information for everyone who is eager to get a WAV file. Most alternatives give an opportunity to get an audio file of any format you like (FLAC, WAV, MP3, OGG, and so on). We urge you to try all of them and continue using the best one.