How to download 4K video


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As of right now, YouTube is almost the one and only reliable source out there you can visit to watch 4k videos. Content is constantly being produced in mass on the platform, allowing you to choose any video that suits your taste. Despite this, people find themselves unable to download videos like these on YouTube, thus presenting a challenge a large number of software developers are attempting to solve. We have created an app of our own – convenient, straightforward, with features that will knock your socks off (we like to pat ourselves on the back) – Free Video Downloader for YouTube.

Free Video Downloader is a Windows program that offers a way to download your favorite videos in 4K UHD quality and enjoy watching them offline any time. Follow these easy, simple steps to download the video of your choosing:

1. Download and Install the software

Download the installer. It’s 100% safe and secure as it doesn’t contain any viruses or other malicious programs that could violate your privacy, harm your computer, or cause damage to your system. Then run the application and move on to the next step. The application is compatible with all the latest versions of Windows OS.

Download and install downloader

2. Copy the YouTube video URL and paste it into the program

After launching the application, select the video of your choice on YouTube and copy the URL in your browser’s address bar. Then paste the text you copied into the highlighted field, click “Paste”, and let the video load.

Copy youtube url


Paste youtube url

3. Choose video quality and start download

Since most videos are included on playlists, a window will pop up where you will be able to choose whether to download the entire playlist or just an individual video you’ve selected.

You will see a window containing the video’s title, cover art, and size based on its resolution, format, and the ability to save the video’s audio as a separate mp3 file. Select the download prompt, click “Download”, and wait for the download to start.

After that, wait for the download to complete. Once it has, you can play the downloaded video in the app or delete it off of your computer. The best part is that the entire process is very simple and not cluttered with advertising, speed limits, or task limits. It can be downloaded in any available resolution from 160p to UltraHD 4K and 8K at 60 FPS.

Choose params

Unique Features of Free Video Downloader

The main advantage of the program is its ability to download videos, music, and entire playlists off of YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, TikTok, DailyMotion, Tumblr, Flickr, and numerous other Internet sources.

All content can be saved in MP4, WMV, WEBM, MP3, or M4A format in the most suitable video quality at up to 60 FPS. The application is regularly updated, fully supported, well optimized, minimalist, and features a user-friendly design.

When downloading onto a phone or other portable device, you might want to consider a lower 720p or 1080p HD resolutions to save storage capacity on your device.

The app doesn’t require a fast Internet connection or necessitate closing pop-up ads over and over. Instead, in just a few clicks, your favorite content is in your pocket and ready for you whenever you want to view it.