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YouTube today is like a cable TV in your pocket, even moms and grannies are already there. Lots of people spending days subscribing to channels, liking, commenting, jumping through recommended videos. Content variety is so rich that literally every request is fulfilled so this abundance itself becomes a problem.

You simply can’t watch everything you want, especially relatively long, 10+ minutes, videos. Yeah, you can place them in Watch Later list, but let’s be realistic, did you even open it in the last month?

Watching YouTube in a spare time can be a good idea, but oftentimes there’s no Wi-Fi and mobile data can be costly. It’s so common when you have time, but don’t have access to online videos. This is the reason YouTube Downloader apps are so plentiful and popular. On the other hand, due to the popularity, most of these apps are quite annoying while trying to sell you paid version, show some extra ads or convince you to install additional software that will collect your data.

We as frequent users of such programs and services feel these inconveniences every day. That’s why we develop our products for ourselves in the first place, trying to make them as simple and clear as possible. Free Video Downloader for YouTube is our vision on how downloading YouTube videos should work.

For the avoidance of misunderstanding we should say that our software is only allowed for legal use. Downloading or copying copyright protected videos is strictly prohibited by law.
Also, it’s highly recommended avoiding any distribution of downloaded videos, save them for personal use only.

Having said that lets head to the manual. From this point it’s gonna be easy.

0. We assume you have Free Video Downloader for YouTube already installed on your computer?
If not, please download and install one right away! It’ll significantly ease our progress.

Download and install Free Video Downloader for YouTube

1. First thing we need is a YouTube video URL. Video download can be tricky without knowing where is the video.
So, lets copy the link from a browser or wherever you found it:

Copy YouTube video URL

2. Click PASTE button or use Ctrl+V / Shift+Ins keyboard shortcuts to pass the link to the program:

Paste link to YouTube Video Downloader

3. Once it got a task — the magic begins! In a few seconds we get a whole set of video format and quality options. Pick desired video quality — regular 320p or 480p, HD 720p/1080p formats, even 4K or 8K Ultra HD with 60 FPS.

Also, please notice that you can get an MP3 file together with the video.

Select video quality and MP3 option

5. Hit Download, wait another 3 seconds seconds while the task is complete.

Now you can play downloaded video or use the context menu to open containing folder and copy video file to phone or USB flash drive.

Select video quality and MP3 option

Pretty easy, huh?

We highly recommend having Free Video Downloader for YouTube at hand as you never know when you find a decent video worth saving to re-watch later.

PS: If you’re still here, here’s a tip — try to paste Vimeo, Facebook or TikTok video URL or even a URL you won’t post in a family group chat ,-)