How to Upload to SoundCloud

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Upload music to SoundCloud

Back in the day, getting your music heard was difficult. You used to have to find the right venues, send the right tapes to the right people – it was a nightmare. SoundCloud has changed all that in a good way. In this guide, we’ll look at how to upload to SoundCloud, how to build a fanbase, and, best of all, how to make some serious cash.

Why Use SoundCloud?

Why use SoundCloud

The simplest answer is it’s a great way to find an audience for your music! You could be a metal band, a rapper, a violinist or a composer and you will still find people out here waiting to download your tracks. Why hold back?

SoundCloud isn’t just for indie artists. Plenty of big chart names are involved here. Warner Bros and Universal Music are both on board, which means you’ll be rubbing shoulders with Kanye West, Adele and more.

Find an audience on SoundCloud

It’s also a fantastic music discovery tool. Remember the first time you heard your favorite band? You don’t always have to listen to the hot 100 to get a taste for what’s out there. Millions of brilliant unsigned artists use SoundCloud to put their unique tracks out there for all to find.

SoundCloud breeds a sense of community. Your fans and listeners can come together and talk about their favorite moments in a particular song as it’s playing. Comments can be left on the actual soundwave you upload! Fans can listen to your latest tunes from their Apple and Android phones, too.

How To Upload to SoundCloud – The Basics

Upload music to SoundCloud

SoundCloud is available in two forms. One, via an app, and two, via a web browser. There’s no downloading needed. The clue’s in the name; it’s all cloud-based. Knowing how to upload music to SoundCloud, however, is half the battle! Thankfully, it’s never too difficult.

SoundCloud’s official line is that you can only upload songs from a PC. What kind of backward thinking is that? Thankfully, there is a way for you to upload music to SoundCloud via Android phone if you know the right steps to take.

Uploading Via Android

Upload to SoundCloud

  • • Firstly, download the free SoundCloud app and log in.
  • • Then, find your track. You’ll likely have this stored somewhere simple, such as ‘My Files’, or in the ‘Music’ folder.
  • • Then, press and hold the track to get a panel of options to open up.
  • • You’ll then get a ‘share via’ option pop up. You’ll want to press this.
  • ‘SoundCloud’ will appear as an option for sharing. Once again, tap it.
  • • You’ll then be given a nifty upload screen! Add cover art, name your track and choose privacy options.
  • • When you’re ready, ‘post’ to SoundCloud. You can also pick which of your linked social media apps you’d like to share too.

Upload to SoundCloud from iPhone

Knowing how to upload to SoundCloud from an Apple device is a different affair. You’re going to either need to make use of your web browser or the GarageBand app.

Upload to SoundCloud from iPhone

  • • To upload from your browser, merely launch Safari, Chrome or otherwise and head to SoundCloud.
  • • Make sure you ‘request desktop site’. You can access this by tapping the box and arrow button in Safari.
  • • Then, click ‘upload your first track’.
  • • Log in as usual, and click ‘choose a file to upload’.
  • • You’ll then be given the option to upload tracks from either your iCloud or Google Drive.
  • • From there, SoundCloud will ask you to fill in the usual information about your track.

Uploading via GarageBand is a little easier. If you use this app to make music, there is a ‘share’ option where you can link your SoundCloud profile directly. Simple!

Upload via PC

Upload songs to SoundCloud

Lastly, this one’s nice and easy. You can either, drag the file you want to upload into SoundCloud via your web browser, or you can choose your file manually by searching through folders. Honestly? Uploading via phone is a lot more streamlined.

Promoting Your Music and Making Money

This is where it all counts! SoundCloud is all about getting your music listened to. Artists such as Kodak Black started here, and with plenty of industry professionals snooping around, you never know who’s listening.

  • • Upload regularly! You’re never going to build an audience or get noticed if you don’t.
  • • Build a profile and a persona. Tell the world who you are.
  • • Be open with your community. Welcome feedback. Don’t be shy!
  • • Comment on, like and share other people’s music. Make friends while you’re making music.
  • • Use social media to your advantage. Not everyone has SoundCloud, but over a billion of us have Facebook. Get sharing!

Making money all starts with the SoundCloud partner program, known as On SoundCloud. While there are a few avenues through which you can start monetizing your work, the official channel is the best one to take right away. That allows you to advertise during your playlists. It’s somewhat similar to the way YouTube allows its creators to make money.

There are various platforms offering ways for you to make money with the service. However, do be careful and make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into.


SoundCloud is, naturally, pretty hot on copyright issues. As such, the general advice is, just don’t upload anything that isn’t rightfully yours. Nice and easy. You can, however, upload work with the right permissions. In some cases, this may mean you have to pay royalties or upfront fees for certain use. If this is an avenue you really can’t avoid, it’s best to seek legal advice before you start looking at how to make a song on SoundCloud.

Get Out There!

Knowing how to upload to SoundCloud is only the beginning. It’s the start of an amazing journey for you and your music. Create a persona, cultivate a fanbase, and get sharing those tracks. If you’re interested in learning how to upload songs on SoundCloud but haven’t ever had the time, it’s less hassle than you think. You’ll never know who might discover you!