Learn How to Spot Virus-free MP3 Recorders

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Finding a spam-less and secure MP3 recorder is not as easy as you might have imagined. Since there are a lot of MP3 recorders on the market, developers have come up with means to earn cash even with freeware.

Some of them embed spammy plugins and apps within the MP3 recorder. Others don’t have the time to completely test their product before releasing it, thus resulting in an MP3 recorder app that’s prone to malware and virus infections.

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To help you use an MP3 recorder in the safest possible way, we have put together a quick guide. Here is our guide to indicating spam or virus prone MP3 recorders:

Check out the Reviews

Before you install an MP3 recorder, you have to do some research on your own. You can start by visiting Google and typing in “MP3 recorder name + review”. Look for both user and editor reviews, because the user reviews may be purchased and/or biased. This will help you find out all kinds of details regarding the software that will be of interest to you.

Visit the Official Website

Check out the official website of the MP3 recorder. Take your time. Check out their blog section, look for social proof and contact information. A neat and tidy website is a good sign that the software is not going to contain ads or be spammy.

Don’t Install Immediately

Before you run the installation, make sure to run the installation file through your antivirus program. A check-up before installation is always great, as it will reveal any hidden threats in the installation file and save you some time.

After applying this methodology, we were able to discover only a few MP3 recording apps that are completely safe to install on your PC:

  • Free MP3 Recorder for YouTube – our software is extremely light and safe to use with both YouTube and SoundCloud.
  • YouTube to MP3 Boom by Freemake – a highly efficient tool for converting YouTube videos to MP3s.
  • aTube Catcher – incredibly versatile MP3 recorder able to record MP3 from many online platforms.
  • Free Studio from DVDVideoSoft – a powerful app able to record MP3 files and convert them to different media file formats.

Finding safe-to-use freeware is possible. By following these steps, you will be able to find safe and secure MP3 recorders that you can use on your PC. And if you’re looking for a safe and secure MP3 recorder for SoundCloud, be sure to check out our product!