Congratulations to the following list of awesome blogs that made our Top 45 Award designation.

If your dream is to become a vlogging superstar, and you are looking for practical guides, insightful tips and educational information, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you will find the 45 best online blogs about how to start vlogging.

Indeed, there is a rich variety of high-quality blogs about vlogging on the web.

However, we decided to sort them and provide you with the top-notch blogs. These elite blogs will give you the comprehensive step by step guides, tools, tips and techniques you need to create your own successful video blog.

1. Lifewire

Lifewire is an amazing website run by an experienced team committed to creating content you can not only turn to, but count on. It covers everything from the YouTube channel creation process to some straightforward, practical advices to help you promote your vlogs and manage your audience.

Digital Trends, founded by Ian Bell and Dan Gaul, is a useful guide that helps you navigate the complicated world of technology while both getting you excited and inspired in the process. This blog also provides seriously valuable advice and guidance explaining how to shoot and edit amateur vlogs that look pro.
3. Mashable

Mashable is a leading voice of digital culture, a news blog focusing on social media and technology news. There are also regular posts to help you improve your vlogging skills, choose most important vlogging equipment and tools and to give you the killer tips for creating a branded YouTube channel.
4. MakeUseOf

MakeUseOf is a technology website, focused on bridging the connection between users, computers, devices and the Internet through education. They cover a broad spectrum of topics, one of which is vlogging. Their posts are insanely practical, actionable and valuable to anyone looking for best equipment to start a YouTube channel.
5. Filmora Wondershare

Filmora Wondershare offers a wide range of powerful video editing tools for Mac and Windows. Their blog is loaded with easy to follow guides, which walk you through the basic steps you need to consider before (and during) you produce your next vlog. A great blog if you’re interested in vlogging but don’t know how to start.
6. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a leading digital marketing agency with one simple mission: to empower learning. The beautifully designed blog is all about helping people succeed. Neil Patel covers really useful tips to make a quality video, to get people to see your videos and to become a creative, successful vlogger.
7. BufferApp

Ash Read is the content creator behind BufferApp. He is fascinated by storytelling, entrepreneurship, and the role technology and digital communication plays in our everyday lives. He has some valuable knowledge about video marketing and his blog reflects this. The blog is packed with step by step guides and secrets of super-successful video marketing.
8. Vlogtribe

Vlogtribe is run by Glen Beker, one of the most inspirational and professional bloggers, who answers the main common questions about vlogging, shares vlogging tips and content ideas, consults about vlogging and teaches the art of video editing. In fact, this blog is the home place for vlogging enthusiasts on the Internet.
9. MAGIX Magazine

MAGIX Magazine is a corporate blog featuring very well explained and easy to follow tutorials, tips and info about video, audio, photo and graphic, web and much more. You will find beautifully written posts on important things to keep in mind for your video blog. If you are interested in video blogging, this blog will always give you the right inspiration.
10. ShoutMeLoud

ShoutMeLoud is a community of enthusiastic bloggers. Their blog discusses blogging, viral video marketing, video blogging, online marketing tips, basic and advanced money making techniques. ShoutMeLoud is appropriate for everyone with any kind of blog or website.
11. Themeisle

Themeisle focuses on WordPress tutorials and reviews for beginners and advanced. However, there are also some awesome posts covering tips for creating video tutorials, video reviews, video summaries, vlogs and using video in blog posts.
12. Makeawebsitehub

Makeawebsitehub is run by Jemie Spencer, who covers a wide variety of topics from blogging basics to more advanced techniques such as getting more traffic or making more money from your blog. He also blogs about vlogging, providing actionable tips on how to start your own video blog as well as advice on choosing best professional vlogging camera or best vlogging camera for beginners.
13. Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas is a globally-recognized speaker, blogger and marketing consultant. Jeff provides seriously valuable advice and guidance on how to use the power of social, content and digital technologies to transform our lives and businesses. He writes engaging posts on key elements for a viral video as well as how to create video blog on a budget and to promote your YouTube videos in some simple steps.
14. Start Blogging Online

Karen Evans is the founder of Start Blogging Online, the one-stop resource center for anyone who’s interested in starting a blog or a video blog. You will find interviews, guides and courses on how beginners successfully launch new vlogs, the process to start and manage a blog and mistakes to avoid.
15. Project Life Mastery

Project Life Mastery is run by Stefan James, an internet entrepreneur, life and business coach, philanthropist, and world traveler. He covers a broad spectrum of topics, one of which is video blogging, and discusses his own work processes that have helped him to build up his YouTube channel to have thousands of subscribers, with over a million views.
16. Vloggergear

Vloggergear, created by Bill Roberts, is all about helping up and coming Vloggers/YouTubers to find the knowledge and information for picking the right camera and gear. There are also a bunch of amazing tutorials, step-by-step guides and vlogging tips that you should be implementing. Bill`s posts are insanely practical, actionable and valuable to any online video creator.
17. CreativeLive

CreativeLive is an online education platform that broadcasts live classes in photography, graphic design, craft & DIY, marketing, business and entrepreneurship to an international audience. CreativeLive has an awesome blog which includes also practical posts about how to start video blogging.
18. Twelveskip

Pauline Cabrera is a savvy blogging guru, internet marketing muse and the founder of Twelveskip. She shares ideas related to blogging, visual marketing, content optimization and social media marketing. Vlogging is referred to frequently in her blog and is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for tips for creating an effective video blog.
19. Vlog Nation

Vlog Nation is one of leading media brands for digital storytellers, providing creators with valuable content and helpful resources on how to start, grow, manage, and monetize their video presence. The beautifully designed blog is all about helping vloggers succeed. The posts on this website provide amazing advice on how to start vlogging, how to make your vlog effective, how to build a fan base and other useful tips.
20. The SITS Girls

The SITS Girls was created as a space where bloggers could find their tribe and grow their audience. So, the team of creative women, who are passionate about blogging, covers a broad spectrum of topics, one of which is video blogging, and shares useful tips and key elements to creating a professional vlog. You will find many informative posts covering commonly asked questions about the vlogging.
21. Basic Blog Tips

Basic Blog Tips is a must-read blog filled with amazingly written guides on how to record outstanding video blogs. With plenty of blogging tips, social media tutorials, YouTube training videos, you will explore all the top strategies available to help you master the art of content creation.
22. Clever Leverage

Clever Leverage is run by Matt Justice, who empowers others to explore business, internet, and website related questions. This blog features tips and tricks Matt has learned along his journey over the last 8 years as a web services provider. Clever Leverage has a tone of value and teaches you (in detail) how to master many different aspects of video blogging to help you with your own vlogging success.
23. VloggingPro

VloggingPro is one of the ultimate resources for everything about vlogging. Their blog is loaded with easy to follow guides on how to start vlogging, what camera to use, what video editing software to choose and much more. VloggingPro shares the YouTube video ideas for your inspiration as well as the vlogging tips every vlogger needs to know. Check out their informative posts with practical advice!
24. Smart blogger

Smart blogger combines practical, strategy-infused blogging advice with a healthy dose of inspiration to keep you going when things get tough. This blog has also a bunch of amazing tutorials and step-by-step guides on how to magically transform your boring blog using only three types of video.
25. Packsmith

Packsmith is a corporate blog of Tortuga Backpacks, run by travel veterans and industry professionals. Their main focus is on travelling, providing advice on packing, gear, and clothes.

But there are also some amazing posts covering commonly asked questions about making a great travel video. If you are looking for the secrets to creating travel videos that people actually watch, check out the Packsmith blog.
26. Video Creators

Video Creators focuses on helping YouTube content creators effectively spread their message through online video. This blog is all about how to be convincing and consistent, master YouTube, optimize your videos, grow a vlogging channel on YouTube and develop your audience.
27. VloggerPro

VloggerPro is run by Will, a photography enthusiast and a YouTube addict, who blogs about how to earn many subscribers and have a professional-looking channel that is appropriate for your vlogging style. His blog is filled with practical advice on choosing the best equipment and gear for vlogging as well as a huge collection of YouTube vlog ideas that your viewers will love.
28. Valoso

Valoso is a professional video production company that offers a range of video services. Their blog is filled with vlogging articles and inspiring posts about video creation. They cover some really useful tips for looking good on camera, for getting more views on your videos and for creating a successful video blog as well as some video ideas that will breathe life into your blog.
29. Magnet4blogging

Magnet4blogging is a personal brand website rub by Fabrizio Van Marciano, who shares the tips, advice, and strategies on all things to do with blogging, website design and development, creative design and branding, etc. There are also a bunch of great posts on why you should be using vlogging and how is the process of creating vlogs.
30. Awesome Creator Academy

Awesome Creator Academy is an online learning platform for creative professionals and creative entrepreneurs. Their blog covers a wide range of topics, but there is also amazing advice throughout this blog on the topic of getting started as a vlogger. This blog is a place to find exceptional tutorials on how to start and grow a YouTube channel and basics you should focus on when making videos.
31. Become a Blogger

Leslie Samuel is the creator and blogger behind Become a Blogger. He inspires others and teaches how to become a blogger and create content. His blog is loaded with easy to follow guides, tutorials and tips to help you become a successful blogger as well as create a better vlog. Check him out, you’ll love his style!
32. Vlogging Guides

Vlogging Guides is a resource for anyone who wants to grow their influence using video online. The blog is all about assisting any creator in getting started, making the right choices in camera, idea for YouTube channel, promotion tactics and strategies to grow an audience of loyal subscribers and the most effective methods of monetization.
33. YouTuber Magazine

YouTuber Magazine is a digital magazine for online video creators. In every issue of YouTuber you’ll find nuggets of information that help you make your YouTube channel better. The team of the YouTuber magazine is a big fan of YouTube and their blog reflects this. There are a bunch of great posts on creating vlogs. Check them out, you’ll love their style!
34. CollectivEdge

CollectivEdge is an influencer marketing agency specializing in blogger outreach campaigns. CollectivEdge has a great blog filled with advice on how to choose the best camera and microphone for vlogging, how to get your videos to rank high in the search results and other tips for making a vlog, that you should definitely check out!
35. Food Bloggers of Canada (FBC)

FBC is a community for food bloggers of all kinds to come together to learn, share and get to know one another. If you are interested in becoming a YouTube food video star, check out this blog stacked with regular posts on the topic of getting started with YouTube and video blogging, making a cooking video and getting comfortable on camera.
36. Megoonthego

Meg O. is the founder of Megoonthego and specializes in lifestyle, travel, beauty and blog tips for busy women and moms. She often refers to vlogging tips and tricks throughout her blog when discussing her own work processes that have helped her develop success as a blogger.
37. Rahuldigital

Rahuldigital is run by Rahul Yadav, a professional blogger, digital marketing consultant and SEO expert. He blogs about SEO news, products reviews, social media marketing, blogging and vlogging tips. If you are looking to take your vlogging skills to the next level, he has some amazing posts to get started with!
38. HowToStartBlogOnline

Richard Goodwin is the talented blogger and content coach behind HowToStartBlogOnline, who provides comprehensive tutorials and guides that will help you achieve success online. In his blog, he covers some really useful tips to start a vlog and to become a successful video content producer.
39. Drsoft

Drsoft has loads of cool free YouTube, Facebook and Amazon tips, guides and news. This blog has a tonne of value and provides you with awesome YouTube video ideas to make, the best YouTube challenges ideas to make on your channel, practical vlogging tips you need to grow a successful YouTube channel, real ways to promote your channel without money, etc.
40. Digitaldimensions4u

Digitaldimensions4u covers such topics as digital marketing, blogging, social media, and technology. There are also some awesome posts on the topic of vlogging as a full-time profession, its advantages over blogging and general ideas on how to start a vlog.
41. Engage Live

Engage Live is an online community and learning platform for aspiring and professional photographers. Their main focus is on photography, but there are also well explained and easy to follow tutorials on how to get started with video blogging. It makes the blog a go to resource for anyone new to vlogging.
42. Provloggers

Provloggers is all about vlogging and vloggers. This blog is a collection of vlogging tips, practical advice and guides for professional vloggers as well as beginners. Provloggers has niche focused articles demonstrating how to start a vlog channel on YouTube, where to find the good video editing software for YouTube and how to get lots of subscribers fast and free.
43. Photographywith

Photographywith is a website run by a talented photographer who shares refreshing new tips and tricks related to photography. His blog covers also really important vlogging tips to get famous on YouTube via a vlog and teaches beginners how to vlog like a pro.
44. SimpleVloggingTips

SimpleVloggingTips is an amazing website created by Jendi Pagano to inspire and encourage other bloggers to start vlogging – or video blogging. Her vlogging tips are insightful, fresh and relevant to anyone, regardless of experience and skill level. SimpleVloggingTips is a must-read blog filled with amazingly written guides on how to create an online video presence and get started vlogging on a budget.
45. VlogLikePro

Sam is the founder of VlogLikePro, a blog filled with engaging posts on vlogging and YouTube, amazing tutorials and step by step guides on how to start vlogging and how to make a vlog look professional. He covers different types of vlogs, equipment and video editing software, all the tools and resources you need to create your video or your video blog.

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