What Is SoundCloud? Meet The Biggest Free Music Site

Music streaming has been around for quite some time now, where people get to listen to their favorite music online. The advent of SoundCloud has brought a new definition to online streaming and sharing experience.

It has emerged as the leading music site with jaw-dropping monthly active users and music uploads per minute. Find out how, and more!

What is SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is a music streaming, internet community website. It is a top-rated music-sharing webpage where you can publish and listen to a massive collection of music tracks. It is rightly called the YouTube of sound.
An app that you can publish and listen to music. Popular with underground rappers that think they are better than Eminem.
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This Berlin-based music-sharing site was established in 2007 by the Swedish sound designer, Alexander Ljung and electronic musician, Eric Wahlforss. The website was then launched in October the following year.
This Berlin-based music-sharing site was established in 2007 by the Swedish sound designer, Alexander Ljung and electronic musician, Eric Wahlforss. The website was then launched in October the following year.

Shortly after the introduction of this music streaming website to the public, the platform had become a major contender with other music sites like Spotify and Myspace, as the dominant platform where musicians can distribute their music tracks.

In February of 2016, the website got 175 million monthly active users. Compare this with Spotify’s 75 million active users despite being around a year ahead.
The original plan was to create a platform that’ll enable musicians from around the world to meet and collaborate by facilitating discussions and sharing recordings among each other. Before long, it became the platform for music distribution. Gradually, SoundCloud became the chart-topping music platform where musicians often release their music tracks even before uploading it to other music sites like Apple Music, Spotify etcetera.

The streaming company’s beaming light got brighter after the site introduced one of its key features known as ‘The Upload’ in May 2017. With ‘The Upload,’ users can easily discover the newest tracks uploaded and refreshed daily on the platform, with a personalized music taste. With this awesome feature, music creators can get their songs across to the world, and a great way to refresh listeners with what’s new.

2017 – A Year of Turbulence and So Much Hope

Like many other Titanic-like establishments, SoundCloud too had had its tough time. The company was hit by a financial iceberg that almost sank it deep down into the ocean sometimes in 2017. This momentary storm saw two top-level executives jumped off the ship, two principal offices shut down, and 40% of its workers’ contract terminated. A once valued $1 billion-worth company was now willing to negotiate at $250 million. As you can guess, the company was at the shoreline of bankruptcy.
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Soon, before the end of that same year, the company received a $170 million bailout and a new captain with a clearer vision to cruise the ship emerged. Like a new piece of music, the company gradually got its rhythm back.
In 2018, the new CEO, Kerry Trainor spoke with Financial Times that SoundCloud has reached and surpassed its user and revenue target with $100 million cashed into the company’s bank.
In 2018, the new CEO, Kerry Trainor spoke with Financial Times that SoundCloud has reached and surpassed its user and revenue target with $100 million cashed into the company’s bank.

The secret? Trainor attributed the startling financial growth to a new strategy that is focused on music creators, artists, and podcasters. Independent artists and podcasters are equipped with much-needed tools that’ll make them shine, for a fee of around $70 to $100 a year.
"We have more audio creators on the platform than any other service. We really built the ecosystem around their needs, so for us, [distribution] was just a very natural evolution of the services that we offer creators. We’re excited to be saving them time and money jumping between different tools."
The platform’s track uploads skyrocketed to over 177 million, compared to 40 million track uploads on Spotify.

How to use SoundCloud

Want to use SoundCloud but don’t know how? Here, we’ll provide you with a quick and easy step on the “how to.” The music-streaming company offers its users with cool interfaces- the official web version, the desktop, and the mobile version. In 2017, the desktop version was released on Microsoft Office’s store for Windows 10 and tablets only. The mobile version was also made available for Android and iPhone/iPad users.
How to use SoundCloud
How to use SoundCloud?

For Listeners

SoundCloud’s got one of the most open and user-friendly site. Anyone can listen to song tracks on the platform. To listen, visit the company’s website, click and enjoy continuous cool audio sounds in different genres. You can as well choose from the list of collections, the track that suits your present mood or use the search bar to filter what you’d like to hear. Depending on your location, some tracks may not be available for your country, and some tracks are partially uploaded.

Create an account

It's possible to listen to songs without having to create an account, but you need an account to upload songs or to like, share, and repost a song. Sign up is free and easy. You need to provide an email address and a password, or you can sign up using your Facebook or Google account. Once you sign up, you can enjoy extensive music listening.

For creators

SoundCloud allows music talents to "BLOW." If you are a music creator (either a rising talent or professional), you can upload your tunes and let the world feel your vibes. First, you’ll have to create an account and confirm through the email you provided. From free to paid subscribers, see how you can benefit;
  • The free subscription lasts for 30 days trial period. It will get you the opportunity to upload your first track. From this, you can start to build your music profile and grow your fan base.
  • Pro subscription offers a more significant advantage over free subscription. With it, you get exclusive features like unlimited upload time, customer support, extensive stats and more.
  • Pro Unlimited user has unlimited space to upload. You also enjoy soon super cool features.
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SoundCloud Pulse for creators

In order to keep to its word to focus on building an ecosystem for creators, the music streaming website introduced a mobile app for Android users called SoundCloud Pulse. It's function? It lets music creators to “keep their communities humming – anytime, anywhere.”

Creators can reply to comments on the go, get up-to-date stats on track performance such as downloads, share their sounds, and follow users. A great way for creators to stay connected with the fans!

The SoundCloud Go/Go+ vs. Pro/Pro Unlimited subscription – Music just got better

These paid subscription accounts offer non-stop music experience for listeners and creators alike. Don’t get it twisted; the Go/Go+ are more of a listener’s spice while the Pro/Pro Unlimited is designed to improve music creators experience.

Go/Go+ for listeners pleasure

The SoundCloud Go/Go+ subscription is for listeners. Users can get the best value with full on-demand listening experience to stream or save high-quality music tracks offline, ad-free listening, access to over 15o million premium tracks, and high-quality audio sounds.

The Go/Go+ subscriptions are available on existing apps like iOS app store, Android play store and website.

You can get the Go/Go+ for free when you sign up with 30 days trial period but attracts monthly subscription fee applies afterward. These charges, according to the company’s CEO, Alex Ljung, is to help the music site grow its revenue and attract more creators to the platform.

Pro/Pro unlimited subscriptions – time for music creators to shine

With about 175 million listeners every month, this feature is designed to empower creators with tools to share their music, grow audience and make money off their work. The Pro/Pro Unlimited subscription allows creators to have more plays and reach as many listeners as possible by uploading songs for offline listening.
For Pro Subscription you get:
Up to 6 hours upload time
Extended stats (like tracks, audience, and location, where on SoundCloud), and plays by country
Pin tracks and playlists on your profile with spotlight
For Pro Unlimited Subscription you get:
  • All Pro features
  • Unlimited uploads
  • See your listener’s location
  • See which web pages or apps your tracks are played from
  • Hide recommendations and mobile overlays from embedded players
  • Access premier monetization if eligible

The Serato DJ Pro integration

In a way to appeal to DJs, SoundCloud expands its platform functionality by launching and integrating the Serato DJ software. DJs can are now able to perform real-time mix and streaming in high-quality audio.
This feature is available to Pro Unlimited subscribers only, and you’ll need a reliable and speedy internet connection to enjoy this piece.

The SoundCloud’s waveform

The SoundCloud waveform is a free playing/listening JavaScript interface, where users can check track progress in the form of a waveform. With this, you can understand the nature of the track.

Once a song is uploaded, the pre-loaded waveforms make it possible for the user to understand the different frequencies present in the song.

This interface is a better feature, making it easier for buffered track percentage to be shown rather than appearing in a blank progress bar.

You can comment directly on SoundCloud’s wave interface if you have access to the track unless comments section is not active on the track. The comment can be associated with a specific timestamp in a track. Also, the recommended sidebar on each track is great for surfacing similar or tracks that you might like.

Be a sound creator – monetize your talent with SoundCloud Premier

The premier account lets eligible independent creators monetize their original songs. You can record and upload your songs and distribute them across major music platforms like Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Instagram, YouTube Music, Tencent, and more.
Only SoundCloud empowers creators with a unified platform to instantly upload and share, connect with fans in real-time and get paid for their work everywhere--both on SoundCloud and across other leading music services. Creators can now spend less time and money jumping between different tools, and more time making music, connecting with fans and growing their careers first on SoundCloud.
– Kerry Trainor, Chief Executive Officer, SoundCloud

Eligibility requirement:

  • Creators must be on Pro or Pro Unlimited account but with no additional cost.
  • You must have original songs and absolute right on all the tracks.
  • No copyright strike at the time of enrolment.
  • Must be in one of these locations: US, UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Germany, France, Netherlands, New Zealand, and other SoundCloud designated territories.
  • Real humans and not bot streaming the tracks
  • Have at least 1k eligible streams in the past month

Podcasting – getting started

SoundCloud allows you to host a podcast episode and share your content through RSS to your favorite podcast app. RSS feed is useful for updating other web services by changing contents regularly. Through this feature, you can use your RSS feed to power your podcast episodes.

To get started with podcasting on SoundCloud, follow the steps below. It’s simple.

Create an account

You need to create a SoundCloud account first before you can benefit from the SoundCloud podcast.

Complete your profile information

After creating a SoundCloud account, proceed to the edit page on your profile and complete the steps by following the instructions that will follow.

Adjust content settings

To adjust your content, go to your Content settings page and select the settings that work best for your podcast.

Upload and submit

If you have recorded podcast episode ready, upload and send to the world to hear your voice. Use the RSS feed to submit your podcast episodes on a podcast app of your choice.

The SoundCloud Community

A community is built to bring people of the same wavelength together to connect and support each other. SoundCloud’s virtual community is indeed a sophisticated place for everyday happenings. Anyone can ask anything music-related, answer questions, and can also stay up-to-date with the latest topics. The support forum is categorized into topics and subtopics, and anyone can share their ups and lows about the platform and expect fellow community members to comment. It is a powerful community that consists of talented music creators and listeners with one thing in common – Love for music.

The Help Community Guidelines page educates users about the rules of engagement. It officially states that no one should engage in hateful or controversial speeches and sharing of copyrighted materials or contents that infringes the law are prohibited. The watchful eyes of the morderators will remove off-topic comments and posts and any confidential information shared on the public platform,

SoundCloud is not just a music-sharing site, but also a thriving community of music cabals merged to storm the world with musical talents. It is the ideal social network for music enthusiasts from around the globe driven by a passion for music.

SoundCloud’s Mobile App

The SoundCloud App is one of the most significant music streaming apps with over 180 million tracks. Yeah, that’s massive! With the app, producers and music enthusiasts can get acquainted with the buzzing community of rappers and all genres of artists and musicians that are continually uploading their music on SoundCloud. You can also find the next prominent artist and chart-topping albums, live sets and mixes.

With the variety of catalogs, you can find great music like hip hop, rock, classical, electronic, podcast, jazz, audiobooks and lots more.

SoundCloud offers a great variety of products that are suitable for all listeners and creators. All you need to do is to join the SoundCloud community and connect with artists you are fascinated by and explore the endless journey of exploring new music.


SoundCloud has retained its position as the world’s leading music streaming website. With more than 175 million active users in a month, there is no mincing of words that the platform would continue to dominate the music streaming industry for years to come.

Whether you join as a passive listener (without creating an account), active listener or music creator, you can get the best music experience like no other.